No T.V. Week Part Two!

I realize that I was quite negative about this early on! One of my main thoughts for accepting this challenge, was to figure out a routine to update my blog more consistently! Well…how many days has it been?

It has been 4 days! Out of those 4 we have, played 5 board/card games, went on 3 walks, read a little bit each day, had every meal WITHOUT the TV on (it’s a big deal for our family), talked, asked questions and connected. I can’t speak for the whole experience, since it is not over yet, but I feel the purpose becoming more clear. We should abstain from technology or anything that keeps us from truly connecting as a family, on a regular basis. I think I might present the challenge to my family, to do once a quarter and then eventually once a month… EEK!

The benefits have already been tremendous. I do still feel the need to look for the remote when I sit on the couch after putting the kids down and also when I wake up to get the kids ready for the day. But I am aware and hopefully will refrain from reaching for that clicker every time I’m ready to relax or entertain my children!

Has your family ever given up anything together? If so what was it and what was the result from doing so?


5 responses to “No T.V. Week Part Two!

  1. How fun to find your blog…
    This is such a great idea—to give up TV! We have a “weekend-watching” rule in our house. It seems to work well for us–good balance. Love you guys!

  2. There was a challenge given by a friend to see time as the most valuable part of life…for once it is gone, you never get it back. “Time is money” so it goes…so why don't we try treating it like that.

    Well, it has truly been amazing to see how much time we have spent vegetating, medicating, etc… in front of the TV. I can honestly say this week (so far) has been INVALUABLE.

    Seizing the moment…with God, our family, and the world around us. Together 🙂


  3. Hi Steph! You are right it is all about balance! Being that we are usually an all or nothing family…I'm finding that we need to just start breaking certain habits and make new ones:)

    And Dan, I have definitely felt liberated from the “medication” of the TV!

  4. Life is so busy and I must agree that I am sucked into my electronic devices more than I should be. Hopefully, years from now, my kids won't tell people I was “always staring at my laptop screen” while they were growing up.

  5. Or better yet…they themselves are hooked in and do not know how to socialize as a result. I worked with Junior High and High School students for the last 8 years and some them struggle with conversation:( It's sad!
    Thanks for stopping by Liz, cute blog!

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