Another great book!

Ever wondered what it would be like to live your life in whimsy! I’ll be giving my “unprofessional” review next week! Read with me!


Birthday Blues???

Ok I do not have the birthday blues…I am actually wondering what year that will hit me! I don’t know about you, but I am 32 and I still do not feel like an adult. I sometimes feel that I’m pretending and someone is going to find me out!!!

I look at my kids and think….you can’t possibly be mine, I’m just a kid! I do hope this feeling of youth lasts as long as I live. My Grandmother once told me “No one said that I had to act my age, so why should I start trying?” So true! I guess I can be a kid as long as I want to be… my children love it when I’m silly, singing and dancing in the car, skipping around, making goofy faces at people, laughing ’til I’m crying or coloring with them on the floor! God forbid the day that I can’t play on the floor!!!

My daughter’s favorite thing to do with people is listen to their stories (memories). Almost everyday she says “mom tell me a story”. I usually need a trigger for a memory, so Miss Imaginative will start rattling off topics until I remember some kind of memory! Her favorite are the ones that remind me of how much she is like me!

Anyway…my birthday! Last year I forgot to celebrate my birthday, because I was so wrapped up in my son’s birthday party (his is the day before mine June 10th)….I do go a little crazy with the details, but I love doing it! (Pictures to come soon) But for the better half of last year, I thought I was still 30!!! My husband, of course, corrected me of this….so I was¬†adamant that I had to celebrate my birthday this year! Why is it so hard for mom’s to be selfish? So tonight I went to P.F. Chang’s in Long Beach with my family and this weekend I’m going dancing with friends, Woot! Woot!¬†Party on the dance floor!!

I am 32! I can’t forget this year!