Out of the mouths of babes!

Today as I was dropping The Boy off at school in workout clothes, he stopped me and said “Mom, why are you wearing pajamas?”. Now, for background, I need to let you know that my Mr. English does not really like or understand why people wear their pajamas outside of the house. And of course the kids know this, because all kids know what their parents’ likes and dislikes are….no matter how aloof we are about them:)
So, I turned to my cute 4 year old and let him know that I was wearing what looked like pajamas, because I was going to go workout. I said “Are you asking me that, because you are embarrassed of me?” The Boy with concern on his face, says “well…I think people will laugh at you”. Oh so sweet, he wanted to protect me from shame!
When is it that we stop caring what others think of us?

A Readjustment!

So awhile back I wrote a post about how Mr. English and I had a series of discussions dealing with me doing too much! Here is an update.I love homeschooling the Boy for preschool. I especially love that all of my pins on Pinterest were going to good use! However, after careful consideration and thought, I decided to put him back in the classroom. He was doing great with everything, he even looked forward to that “school” time each day, but my concern was the “socialization”. The Boy had progressed so well socially last year at preschool. I mean he was coming out of his shell, playing with new kids on the playground…he was comfortable (he still needs to be warmed up to a new place, but he eventually does).

It turns out I’m the kind of woman who gets something in her head, makes a decision and does it that day! So on Tuesday, I decided to go to the preschool down the street from our house and see if anyone had dropped out of the program. Sure enough the lady said that there was a spot….so, I signed him up right there! His first day was yesterday, and he loved it! I told that I would be working in the classroom, but that it would not be for awhile…he said “that’s ok mom, I like to be by myself there.” Basically “mom, it turns out I really don’t need you” 🙂 I know that’s not what he was saying, but for a momma’s boy, I was happy that he enjoyed this preschool!

I did tell him that on the days that he did not have school, that we could do “homeschool”:) It turns out I’m fun! His favorite are the science projects. Here is one of the bubble projects for B week.

So now you ask, “what will you do with your time, now that you have three days with no kids?” Are you kidding me? I have plenty to fill my time with 🙂 I think first things first though, I need to organize my house!!!! So if you see me pinning a bunch of home organized pins, ask me if I’m actually using them!

Having the Boy in preschool, has also made Mr. English a little more comfortable with the idea of me being a Brownie Troop leader…I think! My first training is this coming Tuesday night. I will keep you updated!


If you are reading this post, you must have seen the movie Sandlot! If you haven’t rent it! It’s about a bunch of neighborhood kids who get together everyday during the summer and play ball on a worn out field. One boy is new to the gang and knows next to nothing About baseball and gets laughed off the field. One of the other boys, who has the makings of a baseball legend, sticks his neck out and helps him out! It takes place in the all-American feel of the 1950’s.Anyway it’s a great story, but it is what I hope for with my kids! Finding a love and passion for something, a camaraderie of friends, and being the one who goes against grain for others for someone who does not fit in! Mr. English and I talk about love for others all of the time, but who knows what they do when we are not around or when they grow up! Or they are in service to others for recognition.

The Kid, two weeks ago, came home and told me that she received an award that is given out to students who are seen doing good! If you get ten of them, you get a prize from the principal! Well, being that the Kid is the kind of girl who likes to follow all of the rules and win awards, she gets very proud when she is honored for something:) I asked her what she did to get the award. She said that there was a girl who was new to the school and so the Kid decided to show her around school and let her know where everything is. I was impressed, not surprised though! I asked if the principal (the one who gave her the award) saw her giving the girl a tour….she said no she told her! I know it sounds like I’m hard on my kids, I’m not really…this is me just talking about it with you:) I told her that I was proud of her for finding the need and filling it!

I do hope that even though she loves helping others and receiving recognition, that the desire to help wins out over the latter:) What similar qualities are you trying to foster in your kids?