Holiday Cards

With the overwhelming access that we now have to professional photo cards, the options are endless! I have started a card on 4 different websites…. Tiny Prints, Shutterfly, Minted and Pear Tree Greetings. Obviously card design is a huge factor, but all of the sites have 100s to choose from. Paper quality is important, the price is important (they are just going to be thrown away!), and quality pictures.

Price…that is what it is going to boil down to!

What photo site are you using this year?

Courtesy of Michael Stonis



There is a term that is not new… which refers to the equality in a marriage! Egalitarian vs complementarian! I was doing a little Google searching on this topic and came across a plethora of sides (so to speak), on how we should interpret the scriptures to define our ‘roles’ as men and women. I never truly gave it much thought, until I started reading Rachel Held Evans book (see virtual book club). Mr. English and I are both pretty easy going and when a big decision has to be made, we usually talk it over…but due to this book, I am intrigued!

I found this seemingly unbiased article, over at Patheos. Adrian Warnock takes the broad spectrum of ‘camps’, so that we can make a more well rounded approach to this discussion. Check out his article, I am curious as to what category or ‘camp’ we think we fall into. Don’t feel pressured to put your label out there, but would you be willing to discuss it with me?