Juggling Act!

One of the 5 booths I did with Joss!

One of the 7 booths I did with the Kid!

I know you moms know what I am talking about! You say ‘yes’ to nearly every invite, task, bake sale, sign up, etc. I mean why wouldn’t we? It all seems to be fun activities at the time! But then you realize, that the calendar in your head does not match the newly downloaded app on your phone (which was supposed to keep your time and lists organized) and then you realize days before an event, that there is two events back to back on your Saturday and you don’t even have any laundry done, let alone a present for a birthday party that you replied yes to…..phew!

Ok if you truly are an organized mom, this may not happen to you often. But if you are a mom like me…you are not alone! Across the country, moms are committing to too much! Birthday parties, sports games, snack sign ups, community service, bake sales, website manager (thank you Shutterfly), coach, team mom, banner mom, author, work in class (2), auction donations, dance mom, scout leader, party planner, craft business, hair stylist, personal chef for a herd of 4, housekeeper (never really;) ), health consultant…that is actually what I do! I know there is more… never mind the little touches that you found on Pinterest, to add to the “convenience” of it all.

I say ‘yes’, because I love being a part of everything! If I say ‘no’, then I may miss out on something! Especially with women, if you miss the weekend play date, class party, birthday or whatever it is…you miss out on the ‘social hour’ of moms. That is where you make the mom friends! I hate missing out, but I have learned to tone it down a bit…I know after that long list, it’s hard to believe, but some how it all works out in the end! Mostly everything gets done and yah, sometimes things turn out half assed because I did it last minute. But I work best when under pressure and deadlines. Procrastinators do not occur by accident, we just function that way!

Procrastinating and NOT functioning is just called ‘lazy’!

So to procrastinators everywhere…CHEERS!

What have you said yes to that you wish you didn’t?


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