Summer time health!

Calling everyone who wants to feel great this summer…and keep up with their kids;)

We have had only two weeks of summer and we pretty much live in our bathing suits! Pool, beach, backyard sprinklers and slip n slide….I am one of those odd parents who like to play in the dirt with their kids, climb trees and feel comfortable in my bathing suit, enough to slip n slide:)

I did an ab challenge this last month, that ends tomorrow. I’m not going to lie, so the last week I did not do the whole workout and for the most part I ate average….not great and not bad!

Now I am starting up a challenge….the Beach Bum Program! I will be starting July 1st with my husband:)

30 days of eating clean, moving, squats and feeling great! 30 days….you can start whenever you want! Let me know if you are interested, or if you know someone who is!


Along with everything listed you will also receive daily tips and tricks and support from a great Facebook group:)

Email me at

And no…I am not expecting a bum like the one above! But in my head…I’m totally going to look like that;)


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