Newspaper Gift Wrapping!

Last year while at the grocery store, I was approached about getting the Sunday Paper. I could think of a hundred reasons why I should not have subscribed…I don’t read the news, I google it:). The coupons thing did not interest me, because they never apply to the foods we eat and it is exhausting to keep up with. But this man offered a $10 gift card to the grocery store and a free subscription for a month!!! $10…do you know the damage I can do at the grocery store with $10 (with a dripping hint of sarcasm)!

Yes I am a sucker for free gifts:)

So I signed up and surprise, surprise…I did not cancel the paper until a year later! So I scoured the craft websites and pinterest, for ideas on minimizing and ridding my closet of my stack of newspaper, still in it’s plastic wrap!

No…I am not a hoarder! Although somedays I wonder:)
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Summer time health!

Calling everyone who wants to feel great this summer…and keep up with their kids;)

We have had only two weeks of summer and we pretty much live in our bathing suits! Pool, beach, backyard sprinklers and slip n slide….I am one of those odd parents who like to play in the dirt with their kids, climb trees and feel comfortable in my bathing suit, enough to slip n slide:)
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