Juggling Act!

One of the 5 booths I did with Joss!

One of the 7 booths I did with the Kid!

I know you moms know what I am talking about! You say ‘yes’ to nearly every invite, task, bake sale, sign up, etc. I mean why wouldn’t we? It all seems to be fun activities at the time! But then you realize, that the calendar in your head does not match the newly downloaded app on your phone (which was supposed to keep your time and lists organized) and then you realize days before an event, that there is two events back to back on your Saturday and you don’t even have any laundry done, let alone a present for a birthday party that you replied yes to…..phew!
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If you are reading this post, you must have seen the movie Sandlot! If you haven’t rent it! It’s about a bunch of neighborhood kids who get together everyday during the summer and play ball on a worn out field. One boy is new to the gang and knows next to nothing About baseball and gets laughed off the field. One of the other boys, who has the makings of a baseball legend, sticks his neck out and helps him out! It takes place in the all-American feel of the 1950’s.Anyway it’s a great story, but it is what I hope for with my kids! Finding a love and passion for something, a camaraderie of friends, and being the one who goes against grain for others for someone who does not fit in! Mr. English and I talk about love for others all of the time, but who knows what they do when we are not around or when they grow up! Or they are in service to others for recognition.

The Kid, two weeks ago, came home and told me that she received an award that is given out to students who are seen doing good! If you get ten of them, you get a prize from the principal! Well, being that the Kid is the kind of girl who likes to follow all of the rules and win awards, she gets very proud when she is honored for something:) I asked her what she did to get the award. She said that there was a girl who was new to the school and so the Kid decided to show her around school and let her know where everything is. I was impressed, not surprised though! I asked if the principal (the one who gave her the award) saw her giving the girl a tour….she said no she told her! I know it sounds like I’m hard on my kids, I’m not really…this is me just talking about it with you:) I told her that I was proud of her for finding the need and filling it!

I do hope that even though she loves helping others and receiving recognition, that the desire to help wins out over the latter:) What similar qualities are you trying to foster in your kids?

Forget Soaring Over California!

I am living it!!!

Ok Soaring Over California IS one of my favorites rides at California Adventure…but I get to live it! Driving through California!!

I was driving through Moreno Valley and I could smell a hint of citrus…now silly me I look around my car, thinking I must have brought an orange with my apple (which sounded pretty good at the time). But no orange in my car… actually I was surrounded by oranges…I was driving through an orange grove 🙂

Then I was driving up to the wedding site that I’m attending today, in Cherry Valley…and it was beautiful and sunny! But in the background are mountains laced with SNOW!

I love California…why would I ever thinking of moving out of here?

What do you love about your state?