There is a term that is not new… which refers to the equality in a marriage! Egalitarian vs complementarian! I was doing a little Google searching on this topic and came across a plethora of sides (so to speak), on how we should interpret the scriptures to define our ‘roles’ as men and women. I never truly gave it much thought, until I started reading Rachel Held Evans book (see virtual book club). Mr. English and I are both pretty easy going and when a big decision has to be made, we usually talk it over…but due to this book, I am intrigued!

I found this seemingly unbiased article, over at Patheos. Adrian Warnock takes the broad spectrum of ‘camps’, so that we can make a more well rounded approach to this discussion. Check out his article, I am curious as to what category or ‘camp’ we think we fall into. Don’t feel pressured to put your label out there, but would you be willing to discuss it with me?

"I don’t know why she tries to do it all"

Last year I laughed my butt off, while watching the Sarah Jessica Parker movie “I Don’t Know How She Does It”! Watching her run around trying to accomplish everything for her career, kids, husband and appear to have it all together…was exhausting. There were some things I could relate to: the laying in bed and can’t sleep because you are thinking of all the things you need to get done, the idea of keeping with all of the other moms, the checking on your kids in the middle of the night…well, we can relate as moms!

I started thinking about this movie this last week, because I am trying to do everything and my husband thinks I’m crazy. It all started when I was getting ready to sign up the Boy for preschool (last year’s preschool wanted him to participate all day for 3 days a week, since it is a heavier load…too much money!), I was looking through our city’s parks and recreation courses for the fall and found a ton of activities for preschoolers! Karate, science club, soccer, cooking, arts and crafts….well I got to thinking that I could enroll him in a bunch of classes and do the education part at home. 1 hour four days a week and he would have more one on one time learning. He would get his “socialization” through the city’s classes and I would still save money!

So I presented the idea to Mr. English…it did not go over that well!

His concern was that I was taking on too much, with coaching my daughter’s soccer team, working our business, volunteering at the elementary school and not to mention I just applied to become a Brownie troop leader:) His main concern is that the house won’t be clean (laundry, dishes, etc. not Better Homes and Gardens status). I joked that it doesn’t get done anyway, so it won’t make a difference :)!

I bugged him about it for quite awhile, until we (I) decided to do a trial run. Worst case scenario, it is not an ideal experience and I enroll him in preschool after Christmas. I think the issue will be more about not really have time to myself, but the truth is he starts kindergarten next year and I will have plenty of time for me! So Mr. English…the house will be clean next year:)

I realize that all of this is very ambitious, especially for a procrastinator, but today when someone asked if he liked his school….he said “I love my teacher”! Aww, melt my heart!

My question today is: How much is too much for us moms?

No T.V. Week!!!

This last Saturday my beloved husband came home with a wonderful idea….a fast from television. What a great thought….we have abstained from the tube for a day or two before, but have not committed to a whole week! So you can imagine my excitement at the mention of the opportunity to BLOG about something new, besides my failed cooking:)

He talked about a week, a few weeks…a MONTH! Whoa, hold on there…let’s just start with a week! I started making a “mind” list, we can do some pinterest crafts, we can go for walks, we can swim, go to the beach, cook together, read…the list was getting so long!

On Sunday, I was home alone while the kids were hanging out with their Dad. I was continuing my Dawson’s Creek marathon on Netflix, when my family walked in the door shouting “ooh, NO T.V., Mom!” What?!? Now mind you, I was not cheating, because I was unaware of our start date. So imagine your husband turning off the T.V., just about the moment when Joey was going to kiss Dawson for the first time!!! I was floored and totally agitated!

I really loved the idea of no T.V., but I HATE when someone tells me what to do! There is something in me that just boils and turns rebellious at the thought of being told what to do. So I did the obvious and reasonable thing….I ignored him for the night!